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Amber Portwood: 16 and Pregnant Mom Overcomes Her Drug Addiction

Amber Portwood: 16 and Pregnant Mom Overcomes Her Drug Addiction

By on Jul 25, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

16 and Pregnant is a nation wide television show that shows the lives of pregnant underage teenage girls. This show has a lot of critics. Some say the show glamorizes being pregnant at a young age and others say it is showing young girls this how your life can be if you decide you want to get pregnant at this time of your life. In my opinion the show praises the girls on the show too much. Some girls have to raise the baby on their own while others stay with their boyfriend and do it together. Some girls will view this show as “air-time” and will do whatever they have to do to get the fame.

As the show gets ready for a new season they have episodes where you get to personally see the life of one particular teen mom. On this episode the mother in the spotlight was Amber Portwood. Amber explained that she got addicted to drugs after giving birth to her daughter Leah on the hit TV show. Once Amber had her baby she was prescribed an opiate for her post-baby anxiety, according to Wetpaint.

Amber was not going through any pain after she delivered her baby girl. Anxiety is aptly treated with therapy and relaxation- and if there are medications necessary to combat anxiety, opiates are not the answer. Why would doctors prescribe her a pain medication when she wasn’t in pain? The best thing they could have done for her was to get her help with a therapist, not intoxicate her up with a drug.

Instead of staying in a drug addiction and recovery program Amber decided to go to jail. Her making that decision helped amber sober up for not only her but her baby.

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