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New Organizations Helps the Homeless People Take Their Lives Back from Addiction

New Organizations Helps the Homeless People Take Their Lives Back from Addiction

By on Jul 6, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

When you are in your car driving on the streets of West Palm Beach you will see few homeless people. They might ask you for a dollar so they can buy something to eat, get a new shirt, or get their drug fix. It’s hard to believe that these are the same people that had white collar jobs, and the expensive BMWs. They lose their jobs, and look for a home in the streets. While on the streets some turn to drugs to cope with their loss.

Barbara Moody and her organization is trying to get these people off the streets, and help them get back on their feet. Her organization, The Lord’s Place, will be receiving a grant for $600,000 to accomplish that mission, according to wptv. Most homeless people lose hope, and Moody is giving it back to them.

One of the homeless people Moody is helping out is Mr. Dusty Leach. Leach says kind people supply money for his drug addiction. Leach wasn’t always panhandling, his identity was stolen, and he had trouble keeping a job in the declining economy. At this point in his life, Dusty doesn’t care what kind of job he can get, he can be a greeter or a stocker at Walmart- anything that provides income will work for him, says wptv.

Jobs back then were secure, but because of the dwindling economy, it’s become commonplace for jobs to have layoffs every month. The stable job market has turned upside down. For example if a person has a minimum wage job, and works at least 35 hours a week, that is not enough to survive above the poverty line. How do they expect people to find somewhere to live when they don’t have enough to pay for it? It’s like they are setting these people up for failure.

Barbara Moody is a homeowner, who will be getting married soon. Moody didn’t always have the perfect life; she was in a abusive relationship that forced her to become homeless. While on the streets she became addicted to drugs. Without help from a local organization, Moody will still be on the streets today, according to wptv.

Before Barbara tries to get Dusty a job I think he needs to reach out to a drug rehab program for help getting her life back on track. Addiction is a treatable disease, but only with professional help. Moody is quoted by WPTV,

“Make sure that you trust the person that’s willing to give you that opportunity,”

Is there a large homeless population with substance use disorders in your community?

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