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The Closure of a Major Drug Rehab in West Palm Beach Caused Ripples Among Recovering Addicts

The Closure of a Major Drug Rehab in West Palm Beach Caused Ripples Among Recovering Addicts

By on Jul 2, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

The largest drug rehab in West Palm Beach closed earlier this year. This detox center was made for the homeless. If a person is homeless they often don’t have the funds to pay for addiction treatment, much less enrollment into a rehab center. The closure of the treatment center has left many without a treatment center to continue their recovery pursuits. Taking the addiction treatment center in West Palm Beach away put those clients who were enrolled in recovery back in the hole they were in. Or worse yet, many may have relapsed.

Family members of the people who attended the center are highly upset their only avenue of addiction resources have dried up. In closing the treatment center, patients with drug and alcohol use disorders had no where to go, and may have found their way back to old habits of addiction and abuse. Ms.Patricia Saul’s brother used to attend the drug rehab center. Saul has been looking everywhere for a treatment center, and can’t find anything, according to wptv.

Saul is a perfect example of someone who is trying to fight off the terrible disease of addiction.

More than three million dollars in funding will be cut off by the Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network (SFBHN). The reason they are taking away the funding is because the center has had over 17 violations. The violations brought to attention mostly concerned the safety of the patients in the facility, the management of the medication that was distributed, and excessive charging, according to wptv.

When you look at all the violations that were presented, all of them result from the misconduct created by the staff who used to work at the rehab center. Hiring new staff with solid backgrounds in addiction treatment could have easily cleared up this situation, instead the facility took the easy way out, and decided the best plan was to shut it down.

“We want to try to work with our agencies to bring them into compliance and make sure they are providing service and the only reason we are doing this is because they are not in compliance,” Walker said, as quoted by WPTV. Walker works for the SFBHN.

Individuals who are homeless usually use drugs to cope with living on the streets. Understanding the nature of addiction is coming to terms with substance use disorders are responses to traumatic stress, fear, and sometimes mental and physical illnesses. Substance abuse takes away the mental and physical pain those suffering from addiction are experiencing for awhile. And the cycle continues as the effects of the substances wear off. With the help of treatment centers every addict can become clean.


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