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The Delray Beach Police Dept. Strike Up a Conversation About Addiction on Twitter

The Delray Beach Police Dept. Strike Up a Conversation About Addiction on Twitter

By on Aug 12, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Twitter is a social network site that makes users talk about different topics but they only have 140 characters and these messages are known as tweets. Most people enjoy this kind of social network because it is limiting how much you can talk about so you won’t be reading long stories like you would on facebook and instagram. Also Twitter can connect you with your favorite celebrities.

Twitter has over 400 million users, it has became very popular over the years. The whole point of Twitter is that you want your followers to retweet your post so more and more people can see what you said. If they enjoy your posts then people will follow you. What if officers found a way to discuss drug addiction over Twitter?

The Delray Beach Police has created a twitter chat where they will talk about about drug addiction and how they can decrease the amount of people who take drugs. The Police Department has created hashtags so everyone in the twitter community can get involved. The chat will also let the community know what the Police Department will start doing in order to decrease the drug rates and how they will find help for struggling addicts, according to Palm Beach Health Beat.

Twitter is a great way to get the community involved so they could ask questions, talk about the problems, and come up with a solution that can work for everyone. Social media attracts the younger crowd so this is a great way to get them involved in this conversation. Different police departments should try it out and see if the drug numbers decrease.

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