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Whitney Houston’s Legacy: Drug Addiction Is Tearing Apart the Brown family

Whitney Houston’s Legacy: Drug Addiction Is Tearing Apart the Brown family

By on Jul 20, 2015 in Blog |

Whitney Houston had one of the most beautiful voices one could hear. Even with the voice Whitney had the beauty to match. Her style of R&B would make everyone fall in love with her, and it showed that she would be nothing but a star. Whitney would go on to sell millions of copies of her freshman album. When the film The Bodyguard debuted the movie not only showed she could sing, but she could play a leading role. Whitney Houston was the total package.

As time would go on Whitney Houston would marry Bobby Brown, a member of one of the best R&B groups of all time. According to encyclopedia, while the couple was together rumors were speculated saying that these two known artists were doing drugs. When the two would go out their speech would be slurred, clothes would be hanging off, and they wouldn’t act like the Whitney and Bobby that everyone knew and love. In the year of 1993 Whitney and Bobby would welcome in to the world their beautiful baby girl Bobbi Kristina. Years later Bobby decided that it was time to get clean and get over his drug addiction in addiction treatment, he wanted him and his wife to get clean together and she decided it wasn’t the right time for her. Bobby left and the couple got divorced. In 2012, according to en.wikipedia, Houston was found dead from an overdose in the bathtub of her hotel room. Whitney was supposed to perform for Mr.Davis pre-Grammy Awards party.

The death of Whitney Houston took a huge toll on not just her family, but people who listened and loved her music. Artists didn’t want to perform their own songs, they wanted to sing Whitney’s. Artists wanted to do tributes because Whitney shaped their career. But nobody felt worse then her daughter. Whitney and Bobbi were always hand and hand. No matter what they never left each other’s side. Bobbi had lost her best friend.

According to NY Daily News, Bobbi has been on drugs since the young age of 14 years old. In 2015 Bobbi was found face down in her bathtub due to an overdose. After three months of being in a coma-state she has shown no signs of improvement.

It’s truly sad to see that mother and daughter were found the same way, and both were doing drugs. If Whitney would have tried to beat her addiction she would probably still be alive now and her daughter would be right there by her side.

When it comes to recovering from chronic addiction, getting help as soon as possible is essential to help prevent the devastation of overdose and permanent brain damage.

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